Bowing the Knee to Caesar

Sometimes plans change. I was going to post a quote from Tozer, but was stopped in my tracks when I read an article in It was about a small business who can’t get the help she needs, and is at risk of losing everything!

She was rejected for the Paycheck Protection Program and not sure what she is going to do! Read about it HERE. I have heard and read many stories like this throughout the country and local communities. But, I also read and hear about many Christian churches excepting the PPP money.

One pastor from Louisiana said “We don’t want the government to give us a dime. We are happy to provide for ourselves. Never will our federal or state government put one penny into our church, because the second they do, they control us.”


I was on twitter and have a great solution for all those small businesses that need money. Its from Dr. James White, the renown Christian apologist from Alpha and Omega Ministries.

It needs no further discussion….Solution solved!

The Churches Reputation Matters!

Trusting God, Matters!

…and that’s a beautiful thing!

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  • Wise word’s from Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries.

    “It is extraordinary that so many churches are supposedly running for help, deeming the situation “urgent” so early on. It makes me wonder if this program is a Golden Calf form of idolatry. Pause. Pray. Seek counsel. Don’t join what one pastor describes as the “gold rush” because it seems so urgent right now. You will be glad you were very careful before getting entangled with Caesar.”

  • We need to trust in God and His provisions. Thank you Lenny!

  • Not all Israel is Israel, and not all churches are The Church.
    Some churches are churches in appearance but are corporations lead by boards of directors and corporate officers with different ideas than serving God and preaching the gospel. These may or may not be the ones referred to by White. Greed is everywhere.

    If a church is failing and desires to take money from the government to stay afloat, it has bigger problems than the government to deal with. God gives the churches provision for prosperity as He sees it bare His fruit through preaching the word faithfully.

    Thank you Lenny

  • Thanks Bill, a lot of truth there!

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