Why Is the Preaching of God’s Word Vital for the Health of the Local Church?

Why is the preaching of God’s Word vital for the health of the local church? In this video, Steven Lawson describes the importance of preaching in the life of the local church.

The Puritans used to say this: “If you had one hour to give, if you sat at home by yourself and read your Bible, or if you came to church and sat under a one-hour exposition of the Scripture, which of those two would most benefit your soul?” The Puritans would have said ten times out of ten, to sit under the preaching of the Word of God would be the greatest sanctifying effect upon your spiritual life.

Steve Lawson

It was G. Campbell Morgan who said…
“The three essentials for great preaching are truth, clarity, and passion.”

…and that’s a beautiful thing!

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