Sinful Habits

In his book How to Say No to a Stubborn Habit, Erwin Lutzer writes: “We are responsible for our own sin—including those sins ‘which so easily beset us.’ The fact that we do something wrong habitually does not relieve us of responsibility. On the contrary, it may make the sin all the worse. So we must take personal responsibility for our own habits and not shrink from calling them sin.

“Sinful habits are not insurmountable problems for the Christian. After all, the Holy Spirit indwells us and is working to conform us to the image of Christ. And if God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31) Furthermore, Galatians 5:16 says that if we “walk by the Spirit [we] will not carry out the desire of the flesh.” And 1 Corinthians 10:13 is a promise that God will not permit us to be tempted beyond our ability. If we make use of the resources provided by God through His Spirit and His Word, we can attack any habit knowing that we can win.”

Lutzer goes on to offer these suggestions for overcoming bad habits:

  • Remember that sin begins in the mind. If we can stop the sin in our mind, we can stop it in our actions.
  • Defeating a habit also requires changes in lifestyle. We are to make no provision for the flesh (Romans 13:14), Avoiding the company, for example, of those who have the same problem, and the places and circumstances which tempt us.
  • We can’t battle the bad habit alone. We should develop relationships with more mature Christians who will encourage us and hold us accountable.
  • Focus on developing good habits. Do not just stop sinning, start doing right. The good habits will replace the sinful ones.

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Romans 13:14
But put on the Lord Jesus Christ,
and make no provision for the
flesh in regard to its lusts.

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