Faith Both Justifies and Sanctifies

“Having purified their hearts by faith.” Acts 15:9

Faith is a heart-purifying grace. Faith is a virgin grace, of a pure and heavenly nature. Faith is in the soul, as medicine in the body, which works out the disease. Faith works out pride, self-love, and hypocrisy.

Faith consecrates the heart. That which was before the devil’s thoroughfare — is now made into God’s enclosure.

Faith is a heavenly plant, which will not grow in an impure soil.

Faith does not only justify — but sanctify. He who before was under the power of some debasing corruption — as soon as faith is wrought, there is a sacred virtue coming from Christ, for the enervating and weakening of that sin. The woman who did but touch the hem of Christ’s garment, felt virtue coming out of Him. The touch of faith has a healing power! Faith casts the devil out of the castle of the heart. This is “the faith of God’s elect.”

You who say you believe — has your faith removed the mountain of sin, and cast it into the sea?


A believer — and yet a worldling!


Either leave your sins — or leave your profession! Faith and the love of sin can no more exist together, than light and darkness!

(Thomas Watson, “The Christian’s Charter” Grace Gems) [Pictures Mine]

Faith is in the soul,
as medicine in the body!

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