Good Advice or Good News?

In many American churches, the Good News of what Jesus Christ has accomplished for us has been replaced with Good Advice about what we can do for God. We have replaced the proclamation of Christ and Him crucified with an easy-listening legalism of “do more and try harder.” In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains the crucial difference between the law and the Gospel and why it is absolutely necessary for Christians to know this difference.

R.C. Sproul ends with these words…

They walk away from the law and from the gospel and become men and women without hope because they have a Christ-less life. And to live without Christ is to be without hope.

What a story.!

And again, I know in any group this size in a gathering in the United States of America at this time in our history there’s got to be not one or two or five or ten, there’s got to be fifty, a hundred people in this room right now who are in that exact position, who all their lives have come near to Jesus and then walk away.

If you’re one of those people, don’t do it again!

Look in the mirror, see what the law reveals to you, and let the law drive you to the gospel, which is your only hope in life and in death because the gospel is not good advice.

It’s good news!

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