Pride Argues Ignorance of SELF

“Patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

Pride is the opposite of patience. Man is impatient, because he is proud. 

Many are proud — who think themselves humble. But let vexations come — have they to bear reproof, to meet the faults, or ignorance of others — and impatience tells the truth; they are proud, not humble! 

Pride argues ignorance of SELF.

Would you be humble? Then . . .

  • look at your own corruptions; 
  • survey your features in the looking-glass of Scripture; 
  • consider well your own spiritual deficiencies; 
  • study the failings of your character. 

Ah! if you know your heart — then none will appear so vile, so corrupt, so sinful, as yourself! 

Would you be humble? 

  • Then think of the cross of Christ. 
  • What nailed Him to the tree? 
  • The bloody sweat; the crown of thorns; the tears; the pains; the taunts; the buffetings; the piercing cry — what caused them all? 
  • Your sins! Christian, remember this — your sins! 
  • Can you feel this, and yet be proud?

Would you be humble?

  • Think of the pit, from which He snatched you! 
  • Think of the price, at which He bought you! 
  • Think of the grace, with which He clothes you! 
  • Think of the bliss, with which He will crown you!

(George Mylne, “Lessons for the Christian’s Daily Walk” 1859)
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Would you be humble?
Then think of the cross of Christ!

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