Teaching The Word of God

Psalm 119:27
Make me understand the way of Your precepts,
So I will meditate on Your wonders.

Our student’s prayer asks a great gift when he says, “Make me to understand.” This is something more than, “Make me to know.” He had said just before, “Teach me your statutes.” Every Christian needs this teaching for his own sake, but he that is to be an instructor of others must especially inquire for a thorough understanding.

You Sunday school teachers who take the oversight of the children, and you elders of the church who look after inquirers and help them to the Savior, you must not be satisfied with knowing, you must understand. A superficial acquaintance with the Scriptures will not suffice for your important office. Your mind must penetrate into the deeper meaning, the hidden treasures of wisdom. “Make me to understand.” A catechism may supply right answers, but we need the living teacher to give us true perceptions. Intelligence is not a faculty of babes in understanding, you must be men. Young pupils soon lose confidence in their teacher if he does not seem up to the mark.

I heard two schoolboys talking of their teacher the other day. Says one, “I don’t think he knows much more than we do.” “Well, he always has to look at the book before he can tell us anything, doesn’t he?” said the other little chap. Just now, as I came along, I watched two babies trying to carry another baby a little smaller than themselves, and they all three rolled down together. It is pretty to see little children anxious to help their little brother, but when the father comes up, he lifts all three and carries them with ease. We have not many fathers, but every Christian man should aspire to that honorable and valuable estate in the church. The wisdom that comes of experience leads up to it. “Make me to understand.”

Oh Lord, the children are pleased with the flowers, help me to spy out the roots. Take me into the secrets, let me know the deep things of God. Help me to discriminate. Enable me to judge and weigh and ponder, and so to understand. Such reasons as You give, enable me to comprehend. Where You give no reason, teach my reason to feel that there must be the best of reasons for no reasons having been given. So make me to understand what can be understood, and to understand that what I cannot understand is just as reliable as what I do understand. In understanding, I can never find You out, O God, to perfection. In Your sight, I must still be a babe, though towards my fellow Christians I may be a man. “Make me to understand.”

(Taken from…THE STUDENT’S PRAYER NO. 1344 A SERMON DELIVERED BY C. H. SPURGEON.[Emphasis and Pictures Mine]

Make me understand the way of Your precepts,
So I will meditate on Your wonders.

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  • All understanding of truth is from the author of truth. We need to be eager in our searching of the inspired word of God, and humble in our prayer to God for our understanding of that truth.
    Another reason to be joyful and grateful for Christ and the Holy Spirit who leads us in our prayers and understanding of His great word.

    Thank you Lenny

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