Preach The Word!

Take care, oh preacher, that you do not blunt the word, or try to cover over its edge; for that would be treason to the Lord who made it to be sharp and cutting. There is much about the true gospel which offends, and it should be our desire never to tamper with it, or to tone it down, lest we become enemies to the Lord’s truth.

Truth which is meant to offend human pride must be stated in its own way, even though seen to produce anger, and annoy self-righteousness. Doctrine which is cutting and killing must not be concealed or softened down. “ ‘He who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully,’ says the Lord.” People are disturbed and troubled by the real gospel: under the false gospel they can sleep into destruction. Bring out the sword: it is made to wound; let it exercise its salutary sharpness.

Let us, therefore, know that the power of the church does not lie anywhere but in the word as Jesus Himself speaks it. Let us keep to His own pure, unadulterated, unblunted word, and let us pray Him to send it out with power out of His own mouth into the hearts and consciences of men.

(Charles Spurgeon: Sermon 1976, Lessons From The Christ Of Patmos) [Pictures Mine]

“He who has My Word,
let him speak My Word faithfully,’
says the Lord.”

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