A Nation Under God?

Watch and listen to this monumental sermon preached last Sunday, as Pastor John MacArthur opens with these words…

The church of Jesus Christ of course is the assembly of His followers, that’s why we’re here, we follow Him. The message that the Lord has laid upon my heart this morning will be a sobering message. I am quite confident it certainly has been for me to try to process this over the last week as I thought about it. There is now in the flag salute of our nation a statement, one nation under God that was added to the flag salute in 1954. The question is, is this a nation under God?

We know that’s what the founding fathers intended and not just any God but the God of scripture. Nations are obligated to worship the true God! Did you hear what I just said? They’re obligated to worship the true God and there are dire circumstances that will come upon them if they fail to do that. I want to show you that.

MacArthur closes with… Do we know who He is, the Lord Jesus Christ? He’s coming back to establish His kingdom. He comes in the book of revelation riding on a white horse, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Psalm 86:9… All nations whom You have made
shall come and worship before You,
O Lord, And they shall glorify Your name.

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