The Doctrine of Election

Now, you that do not believe in the Doctrine of Election, but kick at it and bite your lips at the mention of it, listen to this! God gave fallen angels no Savior, no Gospel, no space for repentance–yet He gives these to men–why is this? What reason was there? Can you conceive one? Why did God pass the fallen angels by and yet look in love upon the sons of men? “Oh,” says one, “perhaps fallen angels were the greater offenders of the two.” I do not think so–certainly many men go far to rival devils in rebellion.

“Perhaps men were tempted and angels were not.” Stop! Let us be clear on this point. Very likely Satan, the first angel that fell, was not tempted, but just as likely all the others were. Their leader tempted them as much as Eve tempted Adam or the serpent tempted Eve. The mass of fallen angels may have been seduced by the example of Satan, the Prince of devils. I do not, therefore, see any great difference as to that matter. This I do know, that some men are greater sinners than devils. “Now,” you ask, “how is that?”

I answer that the devil never yet rejected Free Grace and dying love! The devil never yet struggled against the Holy Spirit in his own conscience! The devil never yet refused the mercy of God! These supreme pinnacles of wickedness are only reached by you who are hearers of the Gospel and yet cast its precious message behind your backs! It is amazing that God should deal in mercy with men who act so wickedly, while yet He never spoke of mercy to the fallen angels, nor set before them terms of peace! They were given over, then and there, to be bound in chains of darkness until the judgment of the Last Great Day!

Now, men have never known Heaven and, consequently, cannot so much feel the loss of it as those who have been there and have fallen from it. We are like people that have always been poor–but the angels have been in Heaven and are, therefore, like wealthy persons who have come down to poverty! What a Hell to them to be out of Heaven! What misery to those spirits to miss the eternal glories which they once enjoyed!

One would have thought, therefore, that God would have restored the angels before He raised up the human race. But He has not–He has redeemed us and left the elder race of rebels unrestored! No man knows why and in our amazement we cry–How is this? Why this election of Grace?

Tell me, you who would leave God no choice, but would deify the will of man, what all this means? Where is your proud theory that God is bound to treat all alike as if we had a claim on God? I point you to the fallen angels and what can you say?

Now, I think that I see in this a great argument with God’s people. Has the Lord given up angels and chosen you? It reminds me of that famous text, “Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honorable, and I have loved you. Therefore will I give men for you, and people for your life. I gave Egypt for your ransom; Ethiopia and Seba for you.” See, He has passed angels by and He has made a choice of us! What height of Grace! Behold how He loves us! What shall we do in return? Let us do angels’ work!

(Charles Spurgeon: Taken From Sermon # 1820.59

See, He has passed angels by
and He has made a choice of us!
What height of Grace!
Behold how He loves us!

*Emphasis Mine-Pictures Not Mine.

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