Grace and the Substitutionary Work of Jesus

“But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.” Acts 15:11

Peter would give no countenance to such false prophets! No, he would faithfully testify that man is dead in sin, and life’s a gift–that man is lost–utterly fallen and undone. He speaks in his Epistles of the former lusts of our ignorance, of our vain conversation received by tradition of our fathers, and of the corruption which is in the world through lust. In the verse before us he tells us that the best of men, men such as himself and the other Apostles, had need to be saved, and, consequently, they must have been originally among the lost–heirs of wrath even as others.

I am sure that he was a firm Believer in what are called “the Doctrines of Grace,” as he was certainly in his own person an illustrious trophy and everlasting monument of Divine Grace. What a ring there is in that word GRACE! Why, it does one good to speak it and to hear it! It is, indeed, “a charming sound, harmonious to the ear.” When one feels the power of it, it is enough to make the soul leap out of the body for joy–

“Grace! How good, how cheap, how free,
Grace, how easy to be found!
Only let your misery
In the Savior’s blood be drowned!”

How it suits a sinner! How it cheers a poor forlorn wanderer from God! Grace! Peter was not in a fog about this–his witness is clear as crystal–decisive as the sentence of a judge. He believed that salvation was of God’s free favor, and God’s almighty power. And he speaks out like a man, “We believe that we are saved by grace.” Our Apostle was also most decided and explicit concerning the Atonement. Cannot you see the Atonement in the text, sparkling like a jewel in a well-made ring? We are saved “through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

What does the Apostle mean but the Grace which came streaming from those five wounds when the Savior hung on the Cross? What does he mean but the Grace which is revealed to us in the bleeding Sufferer who took our sins and carried our sorrows that we might be delivered from wrath through Him? O that everyone were as clear about the Atonement as Peter is! Peter had seen his Master–no, more–his Master had looked at him and broken his heart, and afterwards bound it up, and given him much Grace! And now Peter is not content with saying, “We believe that we shall be saved through grace,” but he is careful to word it, “We believe that we shall be saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Dear Hearers, never have any questions upon the vital point of redemption by blood. This is a fundamental Truth of God! He who is in darkness upon this subject has no light in him. What the sun is to the heavens, the doctrine of a vicarious satisfaction is to theology! Atonement is the brain and spinal cord of Christianity! Take away the cleansing blood and what is left to the guilty? Deny the substitutionary work of Jesus and you have denied all that is precious in the New Testament. Never, never let us endure one wavering, doubtful thought upon this all-important Truth of God!

(Taken From Charles Spurgeon Sermon GRACE—THE ONE WAY OF SALVATION #765)

Atonement is the Brain and
Spinal Cord of Christianity!

*Emphasis Mine-Pictures Not Mine.

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