The Problem of Christmas

Luke 2:14
“Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace among
men with whom He is pleased.”

Think what the problem of Christmas was. The mission of the Christ-Child was to change the sin and sorrow of earth—into the holiness and the joy of heaven. Earth was very unlike heaven that night. It was a place of selfishness, of cruelty, of strife, of sin, of wrong, of oppression, of sorrow. Millions of men were slaves. There was depravity that reeked to heaven. Governments were tyrannous. Home meant but little. Here and there, a few praying souls thought of God, and a few men and women lived pure and gentle lives.

But the world was full of sin. Love—of course, there was natural love. Mothers loved their children, friend loved friend. But the great multitudes knew nothing of love, as we now understand the word. Love, Christian love, was born that first Christmas night. Love of God, God’s own love, a spark of God’s life—came down from heaven to earth when Jesus was born.

What was the problem? It was for this tiny spark of love to work its way out among men, among the nations—until all the life of the earth should be touched by it—changed, purified, sweetened, softened. This is part of what Jesus meant when he spoke of a woman putting a little morsel of leaven in a great mass of dough, that it might work its way through the whole lump.

We have the problem stated in the words of angels’ song, “On earth peace, and good-will toward men.” That is what the coming of Christ to earth in human flesh was to do—to make peace and to put into all men’s hearts good-will.

(Taken from- J. R. Miller, Christmas Making, get on amazon here.)

Love of God, God’s own love,
a spark of God’s life—
came down from heaven to
earth when Jesus was born.

*Emphasis Mine-Pictures Not Mine.

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